Burpee Hero Update 7

09 Jul 2020 - Ben

Welcome to another Burpee Hero update!

Changes to the Energy Meter

The energy meter works differently now. In the past, your recovery and capacity were solely based on your hero’s level. Now they adapt to the average number of daily reps you have been doing. This will allow you to workout at your own pace.

There are a few more details here.

Introducing a New Currency

In the beginning, we only had one currency: “Burpee Bucks”. Now we also have “Coins”. Coins are the common currency, you earn them for doing reps. Burpee Bucks are now the premium currency which can be used to buy premium items or refill your energy. You can buy 50 energy with 1 Buck. If you try to log a workout but don’t have enough energy, you will be given the option to buy the missing portion.

When this change was deployed, your existing Burpee Bucks balance was converted into Coins, and you were given 10 free Burpee Bucks.

For now, weekly tasks are the only way to earn Burpee Bucks. If you complete all of them, you can earn up 4 Burpee Bucks each week. I will also be adding in-app purchases for them.

Beta Shirt, Gold Shirt

There are 2 new shirts available. The Beta shirt is my free gift to anyone who’s been part of the beta testing. The beta shirt is slightly better than any of the shirts you can currently purchase for coins. If you sign up after seeing this, I’ll need to run a script on my end to get it to you. I’ll try to run this script at least once per day, but let me know if you haven’t received your shirt yet.

The gold shirt is a little harder to obtain. It costs 100 Burpee Bucks. I will also be adding an in-app purchase option if you can’t wait to get your hands on it. The gold shirt is even better than the beta shirt and will always be better than any shirt you can buy with coins.

Launch is Getting Closer

We’re launching in the app store on August 4. Before launch, I have a few goals.

  1. Implement in-app purchases
  2. Add a few more consumable items
  3. Add more clothing options (more shirts, more shorts, shoes, headwear)
  4. Add a few more benchmark workouts
  5. Fix any outstanding bugs

Discord server

Check out our new discord server. I’d like to have a place to gather a community and discuss anything related to the app.

Beta Testing is Still Open

It’s not too late to get your beta shirt, you can signup here.