Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Structure My Workouts?

It’s entirely up to you. You can do 10 reps of a movement during your breaks and log that. Or you can go to the gym, get warmed up, and do 100 reps of each movement at once.

In future versions we may add the option to build workouts based on your training experience. Let us know if you want to see this.

We do have a few benchmark workouts which are designed to help you measure your progress. Benchmark workouts should be completed in the order described.

What if I can't do burpees?

Feel free to substitute any movements in the app with something you can do. However, you should attempt to stay consistent with your substitutions as much as possible.

Won't doing burpees all the time get boring?

Good question! Once you’ve advanced past the first couple of levels you will unlock additional exercises that you can do in addition to just burpees. In later levels we’ll add some fun challenges to keep things interesting and ensure variety.

How can you prevent people from cheating?

We can’t. However, we don’t think we’ll need to.

The core purpose of the app is to help people motivate themselves to workout more. The first parts of the game are based on competition against yourself. There’s really no motivation to cheat and lie to yourself.

As the game progresses, there will be some elements of competing against others, either individually, or as a team. This is where cheating could come into play. However we’ll strive to keep these interactions friendly and small enough that cheating will not ruin the experience for others.

There is technology we could use to try and detect your reps, and make sure everything is legit. However, it’s hard to know how effective these efforts would be, and how much of a hassle they would cause. We want to maintain a casual and self-motivating atmosphere.

Burpees Suck

That’s not a question