Rethinking the Energy Meter

25 Jun 2020 - Ben

The energy meter dictates how many reps you can do and your pace throughout the game. Some of our beta testers are finding this pace to be too slow, while others find it hard to keep up with. Your ability to recover energy gets faster as you make progress within the game, but it’s on a pre-determined schedule.

Needs to be Personalized

Fitness is a very individual thing, some people are just getting started on their journey while others have been doing bodyweight exercises for years. The current energy meter doesn’t take any of this into account.

We want people to progress at their own pace, and not be hindered too much by the energy meter. It’s not going away, it’s a big part of the game. We just want to make sure it’s helping you and not getting in the way.

A Better Approach

The first thing we’ll do is increase the starting energy for new players to 100 (up from 30). This will let you get off to be quicker start if you want. The recovery rate will start at 50 energy per day (up from 12).

Next, your recovery and capacity will adapt to your behavior. So if you do more than 50 reps the first day, then your recovery rate will be increased. If you do fewer than 50 reps, then it will be decreased. Our algorithm will look at how many reps you are doing per day on average, and will move your recovery rate in that direction. This increase or decrease will be incremented out over several days, you need to prove your consistency.

This new energy meter will be personalized and give you a better indication of how many reps you need to do to stay consistent and keep improving your fitness.

The items you use to refill your energy will still be a part of the game. If you have a big workout day you can use things from your inventory to help you get all the reps in.

We haven’t started coding yet. If you have any thoughts please let me know.