Post Launch Update

18 Sep 2020 - Ben

Burpee Hero launched in the App Store on August 4th. If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for? Here’s the link.

The Numbers

We’ve had 662 installs since the launch and have logged a few reps:

Recent Updates

Since launch, I’ve added a few new things.

Fall Event Starts Next Week

This event will last 3 weeks and it has something new: “Boss Battles”.

Each boss has different strengths and weaknesses but, you won’t know ahead of time what they are. You deal damage to these bosses by logging reps of any of the 4 exercises. You’ll be able to see how much damage each move dealt in the “Battle Log”.

To access the event make sure you’re on the newest version, then tap on the orange leaf on the left side of your screen.

In the coming weeks, I will be adding a paid subscription option as well as a lifetime unlock option.

I intend to keep the current functionality free, but will be adding premium features in the coming months. These features will include advanced stats, training workouts with timers, event bonuses, and some other goodies.

The subscription price will start pretty low. At first, there will not be many features behind it. I want as many people to use these features as possible. As I add more features the price will go up.

My goal is to earn enough from the app to justify continued development and dedication.

Benchmark Stats

When you’ve done a benchmark workout more than once, I want to show how your score compares to last time, and be able to quickly view history for that workout.

Also, you should be able to see these things when you are preparing to do the benchmark.

This will be a premium feature.

iOS 14 Widgets

I don’t have yet, but really want to add some. I’m looking at the 7-Day graph that’s on the profile page as one option and a leaderboard widget. What do you think? Reply and let me know what widgets you want.

Old Beta Users

I’m seeing a few users still using very old versions of the beta. You’re missing out on all the new stuff! Please remove the app and reinstall from the app store. Your data will still be there for you. I’d recommend linking your Apple Id first though (under BurpeeHero, Settings, Link/Recover Account).

Please Review

Positive reviews will help us rank in the app store. Please take a minute and give us a review.