We're Live in the App Store!

04 Aug 2020 - Ben

Burpee Hero is now available in the App Store! Here’s the link.

Beta Users

First of all, thanks for all your help with testing and feedback. Sometimes the ideas in my head don’t quite work out as planned, but with your help, we’ve been able to correct our course along the way.

If you are currently using the beta, I would recommend switching to the app store version. I tend to push frequent small updates to the app store instead of doing large releases. By using the app store version you can take advantage of the automatic updates and can avoid a few of the bugs that may crop up in the beta channel.

To switch to the app store version, I’d recommend linking your Apple Id first (open BurpeeHero, go to settings, link/recover account). This will ensure you can keep your data. Next, uninstall the app, and download it from the app store. Finally, you may need to recover your account (same way you linked it above).

If you want to continue using the beta, that’s fine, but please try to stay on the latest build and let me know if you see any bugs.

Ratings and Reviews Will Help

Any positive ratings or reviews you can write in the app store will go a long way to helping other people find the app. Please take a minute and give me some love.

Just Getting Started

There’s still so much I want to do with this app. I’ve got short term plans to add seasonal events with extra rewards and themed clothing items.

I also want to add some advanced analytics so you can get better views into your training data. After that, we’ll explore adding teams or group challenges of some kind.

Download the App!

Now go get the app, here’s the link.