Public Launch Next Tuesday

01 Aug 2020 - Ben

We’ll be in the App Store on Tuesday (August 4)! The app has been approved by Apple, now we’re just waiting till launch date to release it into the wild.

A lot of my time in the last month has been dedicated to preparing screenshots for the App Store, reaching out to media, and tying up a few other loose ends before launch.

The build that will go out as version 1.0 is almost a week old. I’ve added a few more things since then, I’ll put out a quick update once the launch is done to include some additional changes.

New Gear

I’ve added a few more equipable items. Shoes increase your energy meter’s capacity link. Headbands don’t do anything yet, but they look pretty cool, there are 6 different headbands link. In the future, I’m thinking certain headbands will benefit you different bosses or events, but we’ll see.

New Food Items

Bananas give you +20 energy Eggs increase your capacity by 100 for 1 day. This is helpful when your energy is full, but you don’t have time to work out today. You can continue accruing more energy. Steak increases your recovery by 2 energy per hour for 1 day. Energy drink six pack - this is an in-app purchase and gives you 6 energy drinks.

In-App Purchases

I’ve added in-app purchases for the following items:

Thank You!

Thanks for reading. I’ll send out a quick reminder on Tuesday so you can download the app.

If you still have the beta installed, you may want to uninstall it at the time and reinstall it from the App Store. Make sure you save your progress by linking your Apple Id (under Burpee Hero Settings).