Burpee Hero Update 6 - Weekly Leaderboard, New Website

20 Jun 2020 - Ben

Weekly Leaderboards

I’ve added a weekly leaderboard to the beta.

You can score points for 5 different events. Events 1-4 are based on who has completed the most reps of squats, push-ups, sit-ups, and burpees during the week. The fifth event will be the benchmark workout of the week.

The scoring is a “lowest score wins” style. If you take 1st place in the number of squats that week, you get 1 point, 2nd place gets 2 points, etc. Your total score will be the combination of all 5 event scores. This scoring style encourages you to compete in all 5 events within the week.

Originally I was planning to add a bonus to one of the exercises every week, but I’ve put that idea on hold. The goal was to encourage you to focus on a particular movement and have that focus change every week. However, this can also be achieved with the benchmark of the week. This week the benchmark was max squats in 2 minutes. In the first half of the week, I did more squats in preparation for the benchmark.

In the future, once we have more people in the app, I’d like to break the leaderboard down into divisions or leagues. It’s currently a little unfair to have everyone on the same leaderboard regardless of level, because higher levels have more energy. This future league system could be done in a few possible ways. The simplest would be to just do it based on your level. The other option would be to base it off your previous week’s performance. Once you get to a certain level, the energy meter becomes less of a restriction.

I also like the idea of creating custom groups so that you can compete with friends. I’m not sure if this fits into the weekly leaderboard system, or if that makes more sense within the context of creating clans.

New Website

I redesigned the website this week to show some screenshots and descriptions from the app. If you haven’t used the app yet, the website gives a good feel for how it all works. Please take a look and let me know what you think.

Launch Date Decided

I’m planning to go live in the app store on August 4th. The app is far from complete, there’s still a lot of things I want to add, but it’s far enough along to provide value to people and help them start moving more.

Beta Tester Recruiting

We have 6 weeks before we launch. Until then, I’d like to get as many beta testers to try out what we have so far. Please spread the word and invite your friends. You can go to burpeehero.com and click on the download button to get the testing link.

P.S. I occasionally post screenshots or short videos on Instagram and Twitter, so make sure you’re following us there as well.