Burpee Hero Update 5

06 Jun 2020 - Ben

This is the fifth update email. If you want to see the older ones, they are now available on our blog.

Intro Tasks are Done

I’ve finished adding a series of Tasks that you will complete when you first begin within the app. They include doing a certain number of reps of a given exercise, buying items from the store, and other various things that will help you become familiar with the app. As you finish each task you will be given a reward and presented with the next thing to do.

Weekly Tasks are Done

Once you finish all the intro tasks, you will be given some weekly tasks. They will reset every week and also give bonuses for completion. They include doing 100 burpees, using an inventory item, logging a benchmark workout, and a few other things. You can see the full list on instagram here.

Full Walkthrough Video

If you want to see the app, but aren’t ready to install it and become a beta tester, I created a walkthrough video here.

Next Up, Competitions with Leaderboards

I’m going to add a weekly competition next. There will be a global leaderboard that resets each week. Points will be awarded for each movement and there will a benchmark of the week. This means there’s a total of five scored events each week (squats, push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, and the benchmark score).

Event scores will be based on how your total reps rank compared to other competitors. This scoring system will incentivize you to do reps of each type. If you skip a movement your score will be negatively impacted.

I will also probably make one of the movements each week worth slightly more than the other moves. This will motivate competitors to put a little more volume into that movement, but only for a week at a time.

Launch Decisions

There are about a million other things I eventually want to add to Burpee Hero, but I would like to release it on the app store as soon as possible. I’m currently shooting for the first week of August.

Monetization Plans

Burpee Hero will be free with in-app purchases. As an indie app developer I need to make a living. I will be adding a premium form of in-game currency that is harder to earn, but can be acquired via in-app purchase. This premium currency will allow you to buy special items and abilities for your hero.

Beta Tester Sign-Up

If you want to help beta test the app, you can signup here.

P.S. I occasionally post screenshots or short videos on insta and twitter, so make sure you’re following us there as well.