Burpee Hero Update 2

27 Apr 2020 - Ben

I’ve added a store so you can purchase items for you hero. You can get a sneak peak at the items here.

I also wrote an article explaining the idea behind Burpee Hero here. The contents may be review for many of you, but if you feel like sharing, it would be appreciated.

Next Up: Equippable Items

I’ve begun work on the equippable items. You’ll be able to use burpee bucks to purchase a basic shirt, basic shorts, and a basic pair of shoes. My current thoughts as to how these will help your character are:

Beta Testing

Apple has approved the app for beta testing, but I want to be smart in how we proceed. We are still very early into this thing, so I don’t want to let everyone in at once. I’d like to do this in stages so I can have a fresh set of testers for each step in the development process.

Last week I invited a couple of friends/family to start testing. They found a few bugs I hadn’t noticed but was able to fix with their help.

Open a Community?

I’m trying to decide if I should open up a more visible community to discuss to development/features of the app. We could do a subreddit or maybe a discord channel? I don’t have a lot of experience hosting either type of forum, but would be curious to hear your thoughts (reply to this email and let me know). If you’ve been part of other betas that you think were handled well I’d be curious to hear how they did it.

P.S. I occasionally post screenshots or short videos on insta and twitter, so make sure you’re following us there as well.