Burpee Hero Update 1

13 Apr 2020 - Ben

Development has begun! I wrote the first line of code on 3/25, so we’re a little over 2 weeks in. I’ve been personally using the app to motivate myself to do more burpees, squats, pushups and sit-ups and it’s been fun.

Everything is very basic so far, but we have:

  1. An energy meter that refills over time
  2. An experience bar, that levels you up. For each level you earn a reward and your energy refills faster, capacity increases.
  3. You earn burpee bucks for reps, but no way to spend them yet.
  4. An inventory with items that refill your energy (only attained via lvl up reward for now).
  5. A way to enter your reps, pick the exercise, earn XP, bucks and spend energy.
  6. The reps of each exercise performed are logged. Eventually you’ll be able to see stats on these.
  7. This week I’d like to clean up some of the animations and make things look a little better. I also want to add the store, so you can spend your burpee bucks in exchange for inventory items.

The other big piece I’d like to finish before inviting a few early beta testers is equippable items that will improve your stats.

P.S. I occasionally post screenshots or short videos on insta and twitter, so make sure you’re following us there as well.